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512-659-5151 or (855)-ZOO-2-YOU
We service Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, McAllen, Corpus Christi and Waco
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We offer a Combination Of Domesticated Animals And Some Wild Species.Please call us at 512-659-5151. All your birthday parties will take a Walk On The Wild Side with our animals. We are committed to teaching children and adults about wildlife. Animal programs have always been a big hit. Of course it's not just about the fun of seeing exotic animals up close. In our animal programs we want the kids to learn about them in the process and to be inspired to do great things as adults to help preserve our home, Earth. This Earth deserves a voice and by teaching about its wonders maybe that voice will be the children we taught today.

Primarily we service the cities of Taylor, Hutto, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Austin, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Manor, Elgin, Bastrop, Lakeway, Georgetown, Salado, Temple, Killeen, and Waco. We are also available for the Dallas/Ft.Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, McAllen and Houston areas.

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Welcome to Wild Things Zoofari Inc., the top premier petting zoo and animal show in Austin, Dallas/Ft, Houston and San Antonio Texas areas. We bring the zoo to your Birthday, Festival, Library and School and take a walk on the Wild Side. Wild Things Zoofari Inc. offers a mobile petting zoo with exotic animals, great for all ages or educational animals shows with Lemurs, Kangaroos and smaller mammals.

Wild Things Zoofari Inc. companies are Austin Petting Zoo, Dallas Petting Zoo, Houston Petting Zoo and San Antonio Petting Zoo. Wild Things Zoofari Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based company, privately owned, rapidly expanding nationwide

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Tamarin monkey

Cotton Top Tamarin

Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Austin Petting Zoo

Lucy, our cotton top tamarin monkey, is one of our most valued animal ambassadors in our petting zoo because she is on the 25 most endangered animals list. Lucy is available for vacation bible schools, library summer reading programs, birthday parties, and public displays. Cotton top tamarins are susceptible to human colds and herpes virus so she is not touchable except for under extremely controlled conditions.  We want to make sure she stays safe. There are only around 4 to 6,000 cotton top tamarins left in the wild.


Ring-Tailed Lemur
Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Austin Petting Zoo

Found only in Madagascar, lemurs, are an endangered species. Oliver, our ring-tailed lemur is enjoyed by all age groups of children and adults in our petting zoo. He was raised here in our home as a baby and came to us in 2008. He is available for birthday parties, corporate events, and public events. He makes for an interesting animal encounter and will have your guest talking for days.


Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Austin Petting Zoo

Salt, our african pygmy hedgehog, is a nocturnal mammal but is always happy to wake up and great children at birthday parties, vacation bible schools, libraries, and school programs. Having around 5-6,000 quills over her body makes her look intimidating but she is very sweet at heart. Children of all ages love to touch her quills and watch her go crazy for a mealworm.
While feeding mostly on insects in the wild they are considered omnivores because they often will eat frogs, earthworms, and other small prey when given the opportunity..


Blue and Gold Macaw
Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Austin Petting Zoo

Ringo, our blue and gold macaw, originates from South America and is a very loving addition we have here at Wild Things Zoofari. Ringo follows us around the house and wants to be into everything we are doing. He is available for birthday parties, public displays, vacation bible schools, school programs, and corporate events. You can often catch him on his stand enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets.  Ringo also loves dried papaya treats.


Wild Things Zoofari Texas | Austin Petting Zoo

Brush-tailed bettongs also known as Woylies are an adorable micro marsupial that is critically endangered in Australia. Bettongs were nearly wiped out in the wild by foxes and humans. Bailey, our bettong, is very special to us since there are not that many in captivity in the US. She is great with older calmer children and loves her belly scratched.



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